Somethings you don’t know about Hanoi Cuisine


When mentioning Hanoi cuisine, people will think about some popular dishes like phở, bún chả, nem lụi, etc. Nowadays, as Vietnam in general and Hanoi, in particular, are becoming the famous tourist destinations, both foreigners and Vietnamese know about them for granted. However, there is something belonging to Hanoi inside cuisine that many people don’t know. You may know that you have to Hanoi Old Quarter to find the traditional dish with original tastes on your Hanoi cyclo tours. Besides, there are some small alleys that local even don’t know about it but you can find an uncountable number of delicious specialties. One of them is the alley next to Đồng Xuân Market. When you put your foot in the alley, you might be shocked because of countless food stalls in here. Let’s explore the exciting destination with us now.

With people usually coming to the alley, they even don’t try all the dishes in here. Each food stall sells one different kind, which makes the cuisine here becomes quite diverse. If you feel confused about how choosing the dishes in the small alley, I can recommend for you the must-eat list of toothsome food. You will have the best experience if you join in Hanoi cycling tours and search out local culinary quintessence.

Bánh tôm (Shrimp cake)

At right the alley-head, you can see a stall showing a mountain of shrimp cakes. It doesn’t take too much your time on Hanoi cycling tour to explore Hanoi cuisine because everything was prepared carefully before. It is one of the most favorite dishes of locals that they can eat every day without feeling greasy. The ingredients are so fresh and safe that you don’t need to worry about its safety. You can choose shrimp cake as the appetizer at the beginning of your Hanoi food tour in the little alley, which is a really ideal choice.


Shrimp Cake in Đồng Xuân Alley

The special feature making people choose the alley to enjoy the specialties is its unique flavor of cake as well as the sauce. The sauce is always considered as the most important part of each Vietnamese dish. If the sauce is good, the dish may be evaluated to be successful.

Bún chả que (vermicelli and grilled chopped meat)

Many foreigners fall in love with Hanoi cuisine thanks to the dish when they try it for the first time. Đồng Xuân alley is one of the rare places in Hanoi making the dish in the traditional method. Meat is clipped in the bamboo sticks and grilled on charcoal, which makes meat kept the original taste as well as attractive performance.

As many Vietnamese dishes, the consommé is still the most dispensable part and the food stall in here is considered to be the best one. In each lunchtime, the stall is always in the crowded situation, so you have to come here too early if you want to enjoy the tasty dish on your Hanoi tour.


A portion of Bún chả que

Bún ốc (vermicelli and shellfish soup)

The dish is also the popular dish of Hanoians from the past until now.  If you eat bún ốc in other places, they often add up something like ham, meat, but the dish in here cooked in the most original way. Therefore, if there is any tourist want to enjoy the food with the most local taste, they have to go there. The bowl will attract any eaters at the first time on Hanoi cycling tours they see due to its good-looking colors. Especially, the broth is quite fragrant which rouses eaters’ gustation right when they feel its smell.


An attractive bowl of bún ốc

Phở tíu

It is also thought as one of the best choices when the lunchtime is coming. The remarkable attractiveness of the dish comes from grilled meat. The meat thin slices are laid on the surface of vermicelli and the sour-sweet sauce is sprinkled on the dish after. All the exquisite flavor combine together and create a perfect bowl of phở tíu, which make both foreign tourists and locals never forget if they have had a chance to enjoy it.


The bowl of traditional Phở tíu

Chè (Sweet soup)

It is undeniable that chè is the most famous and various dish which attracts the attention of eaters in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Although they are nostalgia, they even cannot count exactly how many kinds of chè there is. When walking across the alley, I am always attracted by the colorful stall of chè and many tourists do. There are some traditional kind of Hanoians you should try if you can such as chè đậu đen, chè đậu xanh, chè bưởi, chè sen, chè long nhãn, etc.


Colorful big bowls of chè attracts eaters

Nowadays, when the materials become more various, you have more opportunities to enjoy more delicious chè. You even can ask sellers to mix many kinds into your bowl. There is no suitable choice than a cool bowl of chè on a Hanoi cycle tour under the hot weather.

Here are our recommendations if you have any intention to enjoy Hanoi culinary quintessence on your Hanoi cycling food tours. Especially, if you want to try something belonging to Hanoi tradition, it is becoming the most logical reason for you to come here. Therefore, let’s put the destination on your list to remember where you have to go if you come to Hanoi and want to travel like a local.

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