Me Tri Village Green Rice Flakes Festival


Food and cultural festivals throughout Vietnam are undergoing an explosion in popularity with Hanoi capital city events being no exception. With the best local producers gathering to showcase their creative dishes, the capital city’s growing list of food and cultural events are always favorite places to visit of any travelers on their Vietnam culture tours. Every year, the enthusiastic crowds on their Vietnam tailor-made tours come for good reasons — to sample the best local eats and to experience the local culture.

Keep on reading to know more about Me Tri Village green rice festival – one of Hanoi’s top food and cultural festivals that you have to include on your mid-autumn calendar for your best tours in Vietnam.

Me Tri Village Green Rice Flakes Festival Overview


Young green rice

The annual Me Tri Green Rice Festival has been running for six years, originally under a different organization (SIFE Team from the National Economics University). This year marks the seventh edition of the annual all-you-can-try, all-you-can-experience event, the day of the festival featuring more than dozens of households in Me Tri Thuong, Me Tri Ha, and Phu Do villages.

The purpose of this green rice festival not only is to give foodie lovers a chance to sample green sticky rice – a symbol of Thang Long – Hanoi gastronomy but also to bring the community together to exchange cultures through art and entertainment to know more about an enduring source of pride for the hundred-year-old village of Me Tri. The festival attracts hundreds of people every year, including different vendors and organizations representing households in Me Tri Thuong, Me Tri Ha, and Phu Do villages as well as tourists on their Vietnam culture tours.

What to do in Me Tri Green Rice Flakes Festival?


Me Tri green rice flakes festival

A food and cultural event in Me Tri Commune, Nam Tu Liem District – a rural district of Hanoi, Me Tri Green Rice Flakes Festival is where you can eat your way to finding the city’s most delicious one made from yellow flower sticky rice. These are not your regular green rice cakes either but the traditional and popular glutinous rice in the lowland and midland provinces of Tonkin, Vietnam –which is often mentioned in Vietnamese literature and poetry! The top green rice makers from Me Tri Village sling out creative takes from steamed young glutinous rice – a mixture of fresh young sticky rice, green beans, and coconut milk or coconut extract to special products like green rice cakes.

Green rice flakes for dessert? Let’s indulge in savory green rice cakes! Or try steamed green rice as it is to enjoy its original sweet-like-milk taste at its best. To wash down the fragrant, glutinous, chewy, and soft flavors, head over to the drink area for a refreshing drink, all while being serenaded by a welcoming performance of drums and a unicorn dance and taking part in a lot of exciting traditional Vietnamese games!

Before going home, make sure to buy some green rice packets wrapped in lotus leaves with straw to tie up. The happy combination of the sweet fragrance of rice grains roasted in small fire and constantly stirred for steady heat and the aroma of lotus leaves – which represent purity is what any people on their Vietnam tours cannot come back home without.


Don’t leave Hanoi without attending Me Tri green rice flakes festival

This one and only green rice night market (the festival takes place from 9.00 AM to 10.00PM) is also perfect for a cultural date night, a group of friends or make new friends with those also interested in Hanoi’s history and culture like you.

Where to go for Me Tri Village Green Rice Flakes Festival?

The hundred-year-old village of Me Tri is in Hanoi’s outlying Nam Tu Liem District. If you stay in the Old Quarter area, expect a 10-km motorcycle/taxi ride to Me Tri Village.

How much do I have to pay to take part in?

No entrance fee and ticket are requested. You will only have to pay for the green rice products you buy. Why not attend Me Tri Village green rice festival on your Vietnam culture tours?

You have heard about young sticky rice – a great delicacy of Hanoi but do not know where to find the best of it? My recommendation is to attend Me Tri Green Rice Flakes Festival to know more about Vietnam’s culture!