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Hanoi’s food streets – desserts along the way (Part 2)


Are you on your Hanoi day tour and looking for some snacks or – even better – a light dessert to treat yourself and your loved ones?

Do you just love the sweet treats of Hanoi?

Then look no further!

Hanoi is a city packed with wonders. There are more than you could ever imagine in this small city and at every corner, you will find something that would simply amaze you.

Here we will give you information on Hanoi’s three popular food streets – get ready to reenergize with these tasty dishes!

To Tich Street: Macerated fruits

Are you craving for desserts to cool down the heat of Hanoi? Then head to To Tich Street for some macerated fruits!

Treat yourself to a sweet bowl of macerated fruits – or “hoa qua dam” in Vietnamese.

Despite its name, the dish actually is so much more than just mixed fruits.


Sit down with a bowl of macerated fruits

A portion consists of seasonal fruits, condensed milk, coconut milk, and optional toppings. They also add a bowl of shaved ice to your serving – spoon it into your bowl or whatever you want to do with it.

The most famous shop is located at no.17, To Tich Street, named Hoa Beo. And despite its popularity, the shop has never branded out. But that is also why its quality is so stable.

At weekends, you will see dozens of people sitting on plastic stools in front and near the shop. Young and old people sit and chat together, everyone with a bowl of dessert in their hands.

This is truly an iconic dish – an exciting must-try bursting with flavors!

Ta Hien Street: Bia hoi

The street is only about 100 meters in length but it is one of the must-visit destinations for international visitors! It is truly a hot spot of the Old Quarter – Hanoi.

Ta Hien attracts a large number of young people – internationals and locals alike. If you come here in the morning or early in the afternoon, you will see a quiet street with very little people.

However, from around 5 in the afternoon, the atmosphere here changes drastically. With only plastic chairs and tables, a cup of beer in your hands, you can easily mix in with the crowd. Most people come here for a cup of beer and to chat with their friends.


Ta Hien’s famous draft beer

Ta Hien’s specialty is “bia co” – also known as draft beer. Some also call it “bia hoi”. The food here is also diverse – but mostly eaten as snacks. The dishes are ordinary and simple but are great when enjoyed with some beer.

If you are a quiet person who loves the peaceful and quiet atmosphere then Ta Hien might be the total opposite of your cup of tea. This is the perfect destination to gather with your friends and have a good time on your Hanoi tour!

But if you are a party animal then you have come to the right place!


Bustling Ta Hien by night

Come and experience the bustling nightlife of Hanoi at Ta Hien Street.

Hang Than Street: Caramel puddings

A famous sweet treat to complete your Hanoi foodie tour!

If you do not mind a bit squeezing then take a stool and have yourself seated. Get ready for the heavenly homemade caramel pudding.

No matter what time it is, it is not strange to see people on plastic tools enjoying their desserts on Hoe Nhai Street. You will soon find out that people of all ages come here: small children coming with family to even some old couples happily spending their time together.

The most famous dish here is caramel pudding along with its creative combinations with fruits and violet glutinous rice jelly. This is also what truly gives Hanoi cuisine its uniqueness!


Every dish is a creative combination

There are also other options like yogurt, coconut jelly, and mango sweet dessert.

And if you are in a hurry, do not be afraid to ask for a takeaway of these delicious bits!

Are you on your Hanoi day tour and want some light treats? Then do not miss your chance and visit these food streets and fill your stomach with some tasty dishes in Hanoi.

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