No matter who you are, coming to Hanoi, there is always something for you. Hanoi is truly an exotic city of vibrant culture and history. Besides its sites of interests, what also contributes to its unique appeal is the food.

There is no doubt that Hanoi is a culinary utopia. The dishes here are distinctive and you will never be disappointed. Hanoi cuisine could be the excellent reflection of not only its history but also its cultural characteristics. The best thing is that, at every corner, you can always find something that does wonder to your taste buds! From luxurious restaurants to street food vendors, the food is always so tasty that it keeps visitors longing for more.

So get ready, go on your Hanoi foodie tour and get a taste of Hanoi.

Keep this list in your pocket if you are looking for a quality place for a full meal!

Cau Go Street: Seafood

Cau Go Street is the place to be if you are craving some seafood!


Cau Go offers great seafood

There are about ten seafood restaurants here on the street. However, most of them open from afternoon only, from around 5:00 PM, until late at night. From luxurious dishes of lobster to popular dishes of snails and clams, whatever you want, they have it!

The most popular dish is steamed snails – you read it right, snails! The Vietnamese eat everything – including snails. There are also other ways to cook the snails but steaming is the most popular.

While most of the seafood comes from the same source but the way each restaurant cook it makes them really special and unique.

Give this place a try when you are on your Hanoi day tour!

Ly Van Phuc Street: chicken BBQ – grilled chicken legs

During the day, when crossing Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, perhaps no one would ever notice this street. It is even hard to catch sight of the locals at this time besides some passing pedestrians. What seems like an idyllic street is actually one of the hot spots in Hanoi at night.

From around 6 in the afternoon, things start to change. From afar, you can already notice the smoke rising and the delicious smell of the grilled chicken legs. Coming a bit closer and you will hear the sizzling sound of the food. The secret here is the honey. The chicken is soaked in honey and spices first and then grilled on charcoal. This gives the food its mouth-watering color and fragrant smell. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – truly an amazing experience for our food lovers!

Your Hanoi tour would not be complete without these delicious chicken legs!


Deliciously grilled chicken legs

Most of the shops offer the same menu: grilled chicken legs, wings, breasts, thighs and drumsticks. Also, try the grilled bread with honey glaze (“banh mi nuong mat ong”)!


Ly Van Phuc’s chicken wings are also amazing

There are also drinks available: mostly soft drinks, beer, and mineral water

Phung Hung Street: Hotpots

Hotpots are available in every country. It is no doubt that you will also find it here in Vietnam.

But hotpots all over the world are not the same.

In every country, it is influenced by many factors and thus, carries geographical and cultural characteristics of the place.

Here in Hanoi, on the street of Phung Hung, you will be surprised!

This is one of the hot spots of Hanoi for the young. This is the place for groups of youngsters to gather together and enjoy their time.

And do you know that these places also open until late at night?


Phung Hung is specialized in hotpots

Phung Hung is the first street specialized in hotpots. Are you looking for something specific? Beef, chicken, seafood, or mushroom – or all of them together?

Come here with your group of friends on a chilly day. Remember, some wine will surely warm you up and stir up the atmosphere. Bring your group closer together while enjoying the delicious hotpots of Hanoi!

So what do you think?

Are you ready to go on a Hanoi day tour and get a taste of Hanoi?

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