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Despite having a great interest in discovering the local cuisine, I often feel discouraged whenever thinking about getting through the heavy traffic from places to places just to taste a new dish, and surely so do other visitors. 

Understanding the customer’s demand thoroughly, many Hanoi restaurant’s owners have corporated to work on a united system, creating food communities where the good quality goes with the affordable price. Therefore, while looking for where to eat in Hanoi, you should not forget to visit these streets below to savor the delicate Vietnamese cuisine through a blur of exhaust fumes.

1. Ta Hien Street – “Grass” Beer:

Locating in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarters, Ta Hien Street has another name as West Street since foreigners are everywhere along this place, especially in the evening. The specialty is the “grass” beer with the reasonable price of VND5000 per bottle. Besides that, you can try some typical snacks with beer such as nem chua, salted chicken legs, and cheese sticks. Simply sitting on plastic chairs, sipping the fresh beer while chatting with friends will be an unforgettable experience in your Hanoi food tour.

2. West Lake – Seafood:

Walking around West Lake, you may easily catch the sight of seafood restaurants which are close together with the long rows of plastic tables on the pavement. The opening hour is normally 3 pm and the whole street is bustling until midnight. Here is well known for not only the tasty flavor of seafood but also the wide variety of cuisine. Customers can freely choose among many savory options such as boiled snail, coconut shells, steamed oysters or grilled clams with onion. The bonus is the airy and clean space, which attracts tourists to pay West Lake a visit.

3. Ly Van Phuc Street – Grilled Chicken Legs:

Grilled Chicken leg

Do not underestimate the taste of grilled chicken legs

Passing by Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in the evening, there is no way to resist paying attention to a small street where smoke always blurs around the eyes. Grilled chicken legs of this street have long become the renowned brand because of its delicacy and cheap price. Chicken legs are skillfully seasoned with honey and original spices, then baked on charcoal until evenly cooked. The seducing yellow of crispy roasted skin challenges your appetite. In addition to that, there are also popular side dishes such as roasted chicken wings and baked butter bread, making grilled chicken legs one of the unique Hanoi street food.

4. Ngu Xa Street – Rolled Phở:

Pho cuon Hanoi

Rolling pho and deep-fried pho

The interesting part of Vietnam food is that there is always more than one way to eat a dish. Beef noodle (pho bo) has met the worldwide glory as a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. However, instead of eating normal vermicelli in a bowl full of broth, foreigners can also try rolled pho, a Hanoi delicacy. The culinary method is simply wrapping fried beef with onion, lettuce, basil, and other vegetables in a thick piece of the same rice material used to make normal noodles. The rolls go with a small bowl of sour dipping sauce. When coming to this town, you should not miss out Ngu Xa, a small street near Truc Bach Lake, where the dish has become the signature of the whole area.

5. To Tich Street – Smashed Fruit:

Lying near Hoan Kiem Lake, To Tich is more like a small alley rather than a street. However, it has been known as the street for the best-smashed fruit ever. You can find here all familiar tropical fruits like mango, watermelon, jackfruit, pear and so on. Each piece is chopped perfectly square under a white layer of condensed cream and coconut milk, mixing with chipped ice to create an elegantly sweet flavor. This is no doubt a refresh button for both local and foreign tourists after a long walk around Hanoi Old Quarters in the hot summer.

6. Hoan Kiem Street – Nộm (Dried Beef Salad):

Nom Bo Kho

Nom Bo Kho

When it comes to original Vietnam food, nộm – a special kind of salad coming from North Vietnam – is proudly a highlight of Hanoi street food map. Apart from the common ingredients like green papaya, dried beef cutlet, basil and roasted peanuts, the unique salad has earned its reputation for the special combination of sweet and sour flavor in a secret sauce. For your information, Hoan Kiem Street is the ideal destination to try this dish, attracting visitors all year round.

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