Hanoi cooking tours – the new kind of tourism for foreigners


Teaching cooking for tourists is one of the current trends, especially in cities with the diverse traditional culture like Hanoi. Hanoi – the capital as well as the heart of Vietnam, contains the traditional cultural features of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to regard this place as the cradle of Vietnamese cuisine. For tourists, when visiting the new land, exploring its culinary culture is considered as an interesting hobby for most people. Only by understanding the culture of Vietnamese cuisine, Hanoi cuisine in particular, will tourists be impressed at the cultural value of arts hidden in each dish during their Hanoi food tours.


Foreigners enjoy pho

In Vietnam, teaching cooking services for foreigners appeared in Hanoi in the early 1990s, then has spread to other tourist centers such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Ha Long, etc. The promotion of the image of the country, the people of Hanoi as well as the Vietnamese people in general to the international friends through Hanoi farming and cooking class for foreign visitors have been targeted and developed by tourism operators.

The cuisine all over the world is very rich and diverse with a lot of tasty and unique dishes, in which Hanoi is well-known for some outstanding specialties such as pho, rice noodles (bun), spring rolls (nem cuon), etc. creating the traditional traits of Hanoi people. This is definitely one of the main reasons that attract a large number of tourists to Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular every year.


Spring rolls-a specialty of Hanoi

Not only simply introduce Vietnamese cuisine to international friends, but currently many centers have opened and organized cooking tours combined with cooking classes to help foreigners make some unique and traditional dishes of Vietnam. In addition to teaching cooking for foreigners in the centers, the cooking tours also include many exciting outdoor activities such as visiting the Old Quarter, enjoying and being introduced about delicious Hanoi specialties. Especially, if visitors would love to learn how to cook delicious Hanoi dishes, the centers will arrange the chef and the chef’s deputy who are extremely experienced in cooking Vietnamese dishes to guide tourists to cook some famous dishes which they have enjoyed during the tour before.

Besides foreign tourists, Hanoi farming and cooking class is also a great chance for domestic tourists when coming to Hanoi to learn the cultural characteristics of it. By learning the outstanding and good characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine, tourists thereby will fall in love and understand more about Vietnamese culture.

In recent years, the cooking programs combining with Hanoi day tours have received a lot of attention from both international and domestic tourists. Cooking has no longer been just a regular daily activity, but now it has become a spice of life and obvious evidence of the culture, the long tradition that our ancestors have created and transmitted through many generations of Vietnamese.


A cooking class in Hanoi

By participating in Hanoi family cooking class, visitors will have an opportunity to discover, experience and immerse themselves in the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine. Currently, in Vietnam, there are 2 popular cooking packages tour services.

Tour 1 with the total time of about 4 – 5 hours: During this tour, tourists can visit some famous tourist destinations in Hanoi while listening to the introduction of the teachers – culinary experts to the culture of Vietnamese cuisine. At the end of the sight-seeing part, visitors can choose to have another lesson (duration of 2 – 3 hours), which the experts will teach you how to cook one or two famous Vietnamese dishes.


The Old Quarter food tour

Tour 2 with the total time of about 6 – 8 hours: Tourists can visit the famous places in Hanoi, teacher – culinary experts will also introduce some the culture of Vietnamese cuisine. The different point of this tour is that visitors will be able to enjoy delicious dishes in the Old Quarter. When the Old Quarter tour is up, tourists can choose to have another (duration of 2 to 3 hours) to be taught how to cook 1 or 2 famous dishes of Vietnam.

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