Finding the over-25-year-old traditional snail rice vermicelli in Hang Chai Street


Snail rice vermicelli (bun oc) with spicy, salty, sweet broth, crunchy snail meat, aromatic smell of herbs has long been a familiar dish of Hanoians in any daily meals or Hanoi farming & cooking class. Snail rice vermicelli appears everywhere in Hanoi, in every alley. However, for many people, when they are craving for this dish, they always go to the Old Quarter, to Hang Chai Street and find a familiar eatery called “snail rice vermicelli of Mrs. Them”.

Hang Chai Street is very small, with only a few houses but always full of vehicles from the beginning to the end of the street. That is because there is this famous snail rice vermicelli eatery hidden inside the street.

The owner of this eatery is Mrs. Them – who has over-25-years experience in making and selling snail vermicelli in the Old Quarter. Before opening her own eatery on Hang Chai Street, more than a dozen years ago, she was a street vendor on Hang Roi Street and had many patrons. Therefore, after moving to a new location, it is not surprising that it still attracts a lot of foodaholics, and even more, to enjoy this special dish during their Hanoi food tours.


The eatery of Mrs.Them

Since the starting date, the price of each bowl of vermicelli cost only 2,000 VND until today it has risen to 30,000 Since the price of each bowl of vermicelli is only VND2,000 until it has risen to 30,000 VND, the skillful hands of Mrs. Them is still the same as the starting date. Hardly has no one tasted snail rice vermicelli of Mrs. Them without paying any compliments because only here can they find the traditional snail rice vermicelli, simple but very delicious.

A bowl of snail rice vermicelli on Hang Chai Street is not particularly sophisticated, as being taught in many Hanoi cooking classes, only including rice vermicelli, different kinds of snails and broth. Mrs. Them’s services are available for cruller, but if you want to have drinks or beef, etc. then guests have to buy in the nearby eateries.


A full bowl of snail rice vermicelli

According to many diners in Hanoi farming and cooking class, the secret that makes this eatery famous is the special broth, not fishy but very fragrant. Having a sip of hot broth, it is easy to see the harmonious taste of it with full of flavors, the spiciness of chili, the sourness of vinegar, the fragrance of shrimp sauce. Perhaps because it is the taste of the broth that many customers coming to eat noodles do not hesitate to drink all the broth. Moreover, the bowl of snail rice vermicelli of Mrs. Them looks extremely delicious with fat snails, red tomato pieces, spring onions, green perilla along with a little purple shrimp sauce.

Because there are only Mrs. Them and another staff serving, the eatery only opens from 7 am to 130 pm. Each month, she spends a full-moon day or first day of the lunar month to go to the temple so the eatery will close.

On Hang Chai Street, there are many food eateries selling diverse street food of Hanoi, but none of them can attract as many customers as the snail rice vermicelli eatery of Mrs. Them. This eatery is most crowded on the weekends, the peak time of day is from 9 am to 10 am. At that time, customers are always standing full of the rows and the seller is busy from opening until closing.


The eatery full of consumers

In addition to the “standard” broth, the snail rice vermicelli eatery of Mrs. Them also allure a large number of guests because of the friendly and attentive seller. And Ms. Them knows how to talk and communicate with her consumers. With her gentle voice, the woman has the talent of meticulous responses, not make people disgust but not reveal many things of her personal life. Any visitor who has special demands, she is willing to add some more snails or rice vermicelli without charge. Perhaps it is because of that reason, even though the consumers have to self-serve and buy beef, they still feel very gentle and comfortable.

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