Enjoy the amazing Bun Oc at Hang Chai Street


The food culture of Vietnam is naturally created in the lifestyle of the locals. It is both a feature of spirit and material culture. Take a look at the aspects of cuisine; you may discover the customs and dignities of Vietnamese people which would be reflected in the cuisine.

Situated in South East Asia, Vietnam has had a large number of great conditions of nature, geography, and climate. As a result, Vietnamese people have successfully developed its agriculture for thousands of years that brings them good opportunities in order to create more kinds of cuisine. In addition, Vietnam food culture has been positively impacted and varied since the country was suffered from a long-lasting series of wars and dominations, in particular, Chinese domination for hundreds of years and the colonialism of the French. And rice is very important in the daily life of the locals. Especially, a lot of foreigners paying a visit to this country are really amazed when noticing the permanent presence of rice and many other dishes associated with this ingredient. This wonderful feature is widely and effectively used to make steamed rice, rice porridge, Banh Chung and many other types of Vietnamese traditional cakes. What’s more, a wide range of noodles which are superb popular all around Vietnam is mostly made from rice. Besides Pho – an outstanding dish, international tourists will definitely be interested in Bun, especially when they have a Hanoi food tour. In particular, Bun Oc in Hang Chai Street in Hanoi Old Quarter is incredibly famous for its amazing taste and reasonable price so it attracts hundreds of eaters every day. Book an amazing tour to Vietnam and enjoy a great number of street food in Hanoi or take part in a Hanoi farming & cooking class with your family and friends.


Bun Oc

Bún Ốc at Hang Chai Street

Bun Oc or snail noodle soup is one of the classic comfort street foods and is taught in a lot of Hanoi farming & cooking class too. The bowl of Bun Oc at Hang Chai Street includes Bun, snail and light broth combined with a little spicy sauce, tomato, and some pieces of fried tofu.  What’s more, the wide variety of fresh herbs is also one of the key points that make Bun Oc at Hang Chai Street so amazing, for instance, perilla, bean sprouts, and coriander, cilantro and balm. It seems to be so difficult to cook this dish, however, coming to Hang Chai, you can absolutely enjoy a perfect bowl of Bun Oc with greasy, crunchy, and not too tough snails and a light and perfect broth.


Bún c at Hang Chai Street


Bun in Vietnamese alludes to rice vermicelli which is a thinner version of rice noodles. Basically, it is a unique Asian type of spaghetti and is really popular in Vietnam, especially in a lot of provinces in the North. However, depending on each place, people have their own way to make Bun and create new combinations to make it taste new, fresh and amazing every time. Bun is extremely versatile and slurpable. Vietnamese people can eat Bun with many other things such as Vietnamese fish sauce, snails, grilled pork, tomato broth, or eat together with or wrapped in a spring roll. Among these dishes, Bun Oc at Hang Chai Street is one of the most famous ones of Bun in Hanoi Old Quarter in specific and in the whole Hanoi in general.

The amazing broth

According to a lot of popular chefs and hosts of many TV Shows, examining and tasting the fish sauce as well as the broth are the most proper way to evaluate the quality of a noodle dish. It is especially believed that clear broth is the best one. If you take part in any Hanoi cooking class, you will certainly be taught that the clearer broth is, the greater the flavors are. The balance of sweet, salty, bitter, spicy and sour flavors is the key point of a delicious dish. The major ingredients in the perfect broth made by Hang Chai people are pork ribs, tomatoes, pepper, wine vinegar, and shallot.


Bun Oc served with herbs

To serve, add the Bun (vermicelli noodles) to bowl, snails, fried tofu, other proteins and a little green onion. Ladle on some hot and clear broth. Additionally, you will be served with a lot of fresh herbs, lemon, and a small bowl of Vietnamese spicy sauce. It would be a lot of fun if you can pay the street a visit and enjoy the dish with your family and friend in your journey to Hanoi. In addition, if you are interested in cooking it, you may easily find and attend some Hanoi farming & cooking classes.

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