5 childhood snacks Hanoians cannot live without


Have you ever wondered that beside some Vietnamese popular dishes you have ever eaten in your North Vietnam group tour, which type of cuisine local Hanoians choose as their all-time favorite snacks? This roundup below listed 5 best loving snacks every single Hanoi dweller met back in youth.


A Hanoi street treat

Hot plain rice flan – Bánh đúc nóng

Plain rice flan has been playing its role as a common snack of the Vietnamese, which can be dined either cold or hot. Each of the dining choices will bring out the different sense and taste. Bánh đúc is best to dine with a nice cycle of friends on the sidewalk of the street. An aromatic richness filled with the stuffed ground pork would be something you all look for in a frozen afternoon.


Hot plain rice flan

Glutinious rice doughnuts – Bánh rán lúc lắc

This little piece costs you only around VND 2000 for each. However, the taste it delivers go totally contrast to its low cost. You can choose to have either sweet or salty stuffing, wrapped inside a thick fried glutinous rice skin topped with sesame. Good news is that if you are about to join a Northern Vietnam group tour to Hanoi, chances are you may spot out native ladies selling such doughnuts widely each corner around the city.


Glutinous rice doughnuts

Young green rice – Cốm tươi

Known shortly as Cốm, young green rice is a gift brought by the essence of autumn and filled with a loving memory of the old Hanoi. Freshly made Cốm is wrapped inside lotus leaf and releasing a fine fragrance of the ripen rice season. Cốm can be found almost everywhere in Hanoi, from the street vendors to fine-dining restaurants, especially when the cold breeze of autumn comes.


Young green rice

Pork rib porridge – Cháo sườn

This smoking edible gift Hanoi dwellers always chase for one during the city’s frozen days. Long time ago, pork rib porridge was only found as a type of breakfast in the morning while regular customers were children. For the time being, the boiling dish is also spotted out in the afternoon or even a late night treat and much favored by Hanoians of all ages. If this soften cuisine is something you are not accustomed to and down for one, here is where to find one after your North Vietnam small group tour is over.


Pork rib porridge

Pork rib porridge can dine at any time throughout a year. It is surely not an issue to catch sight of one in Hanoi. Leave your hotel room, head straight out to the sidewalks of the streets and those vendors are located at the entrance of the local schools or at a street corner.

Grilled skewed pork – Thịt xiên nướng

Following the burning soften soup above, grilled skewed pork is the next alternative scorching for a chilly day. The little pork chains hold within themselves a wide variety of senses, spiciness, sweetness, and saltiness are the best way to end your group tours in North Vietnam.

The snack gathers almost in the entire city from big passageways to tiny alleys, yet the easiest way to find it is coming over to the local markets or school gates. The most common type of meat is pork seasoned with flavors and quick grilled atop charcoal fire. Ultimately, the blazing sound of pork fat and meat all burnt in the air makes it an irresistible dish to consume.


Grilled skewed pork

To our Hanoian natives, it is not hard to spot out a vendor selling skewed pork from afar when moving on the road. Such captivating smoke tends to invite each of us to this little food stall. Do not forget to add in a little pinch of hot chili sauce to actually trigger the taste. You can either choose to have it served inside a portion of grilled bread.

Some are hard to find, while some are so easy to catch sight of on the street. If you do not want to just wander off from place to place looking for one, why not sign up for the best food tour in town when your North Vietnam group tour ends?

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