4 must-try street foods under 1$ in Hanoi


With the culinary identity totally different from the south, Hanoi cuisine is full of delicious, inexpensive, simple yet elegant dishes in every corner on the street. If you’re visiting Hanoi on your next trip and still don’t know what to eat, streetfoodofhanoi is here to save the day.

Street BBQ

Everyone loves barbecues. In Hanoi, you can easily spot out many small food stalls in the street that serve grilled pork skewers. The pork belly slices after seasoned carefully with usually honey, onions and other spices are put together on a skewer. The skewers are then cooked on a simple charcoal grill, bringing out the unique flavor of the dish. Each place has its own recipe, some add fresh galangal in their flavor, and others add lemongrass.

Street BBQ in Vietnam

Street Barbecue (Source: Internet)

This is a very simple yet mouth-watering dish. And the best part is you can taste that with only around 10.000 VND per skewer, which is less than 0.5$. To be honest, I made a mistake to put this dish on the list because there is no way you can stop after one skewer.

Deep Fried Banana Cakes

As the name suggests, the dish is simply a texture of flour batter and banana deep fried in oil. The banana is either sliced into thin pieces or cut in half and then mixed with the flour batter. There are many versions of these types of cakes with the main star of the dish, instead of banana, being potato, sweet potato or corn. And they’re all really good.

Banana Cake

Banana Cake (Source: Internet)

It only costs you one-third of a dollar for a piece. You can find this kind of dish in many corners of the streets in Hanoi. This is the favorite snack of local people on a cold winter day.

Banh Xeo

Let’s make our way to try another specialty from the Old Quarter in Hanoi. Banh Xeo is a fried rice pancake with small shrimps, pork and sprout beans inside a thin crunchy layer of rice flour.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo (Source: Internet)

A set of Banh Xeo is usually around 10.000 to 15.000 VND, that means only 50 to 70 cents. The cake is cut into pieces to be ready for a wrap. Put a piece of the pancake with some fresh herbs on a rice paper and then just wrap it up to make a roll. Dip the roll in the fish sauce to enjoy. The freshness of the herbs, the super crispy rice flour and the tasty flavor of the meat. That is surely something to die for.

Vietnamese bread

And last but not least, the famous Vietnamese Bread. It has always been the reason for food lovers coming to Vietnam. Here is Hanoi street food in the next level. The combination of liver pate, pork, butter and a dozen of ingredients inside a bread will satisfy the pickiest tourist. A loaf of bread is only around 1$ and you can definitely get the taste of heaven.

Vietnamese bread

Vietnamese Bread (Source: Internet)

The best way to enjoy the beauty of this city's culture is probably to go on some Hanoi food tours in the city. Put all these Hanoi street foods that you want to try on your list, pack your bags and you’re ready to go.



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