Try a glass of Hanoi cheapest beer in your Vietnam culinary tours


You might have heard a lot about the variety of unique streets food in Vietnam. Taking Vietnam culinary tours to enjoy a glass of the world’s cheapest beer in Hanoi is a great experience.

Among many places to visit in Vietnam, Hanoi is one of the most famous destinations for any visitors. In Hanoi, people can drink beer for whatever reason, whenever they are happy or sad as long as they sit with their friends. Sometimes they just have to be alone with a cold white foam beer. Especially, on sunny days, the pavement stalls are very crowded.

Beer-in-Ta-Hien -hellovietnam

Beer in Ta Hien

You don’t have to go to the large air-conditioned restaurants or VIP rooms. In Hanoi, it is easy for you to find a pavement beer to branded beer such as Hanoi, Viet Ha, Viet France that is very popular. Beer stalls in Hanoi are often pavement stalls or places with spacious spaces. Unlike other drinks, beer drinkers prefer to sit in a comfortable place so they can freely talk and express their emotions in the glaze over simple sets of tables and chairs, not formal or picky style. In addition, beer brewing places in brewing Hanoi culture are so popular that diners can easily choose any corner and feel free to pick up tables without booking or pre-paying. Guests of these beer sales are mainly men from 30 to 70 years old regardless of position. The ambient air with many people around eating, talking, laughing, etc. makes you feel that life in here is bustling. Hanoi day tours seem to be very interesting, right?


Food to eat with beer

In recent years, along with the development of a variety of beverages, especially the appearances of many kinds and brands of beer, people have made a lot of new beer glasses to put into use. There are two main reasons. The first one is the aesthetic cause and the other is the safety factor. The cups with straps are becoming popular because they are eye-catching and relatively easy to handle as well as take away.

Although there have been many changes, the brewery of Hanoi “true” today still maintains and keeps the use of a single cup to drink beer – cup jar. The image of beer cups, along with the flow of history, has been in use since the 1960s up until now. It is still one of the first images to be mentioned when someone thinks about the cheapest beer in Vietnam. When people find the features of Hanoi culture, they may think that the most unique culture in here is beer culture. It seems to be that Vietnam culinary tours are something attracting everyone. Therefore, on your tour to Hanoi Vietnam, you must try food and beer, especially for beer, you have to go to a truly local beer shop.


Cup of drinking beer

In addition to that, drinking beer on the sidewalk is very cheap, only about 7000-9000 dong/cup. The locals often prefer sitting down on the popular sidewalk. They sit down on the chair and drink a glass of beer placed on the table, take a few sips and stand up to go back. The simple habit like that can make them extremely happy and comfortable.

People can easily see in the street corners, where the groups of people drink beer comfortably without distinguishing social classes. The brewing culture of Hanoi has no caste distinction between the rich and the poor, no rules prohibiting people to drink beer. In the subconscious of people who have gone through the corner to drink Hanoi beer, you just visit a small restaurant and call yourself a glass of cold beer with a roasted peanut. That may be enough for you to forget temporarily your difficulties in busy daily life.

Unlike many other countries that you visited, beer in Vietnam has no music, no television, but only the chattering voice. This must be a great experience in your Vietnam tours.

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