Traditional food stalls in Hanoi


Hanoians are well-known for their sophisticated eating habits. Although modern lifestyle brings many changes in their ways of living, the eating habits of them are still the same. There are some extremely good food stalls in Hanoi which are famous for many years because they can satisfy the sophisticated eating habits of Hanoians. Read this article from streetfoodofhanoi to find out.

Bun Cha Hang Quat

Bun cha is still a simple dish which has the typical taste of the villages in North Vietnam. Visitors who come to Hanoi should try once but they have to come to the right place to taste the right dish. Actually, bun cha is an easy dish because it only needs barbecues and sauces. But to marinate and grill delicious meat is an art. And only the gourmet can make the sweet sauce of the North. Bun cha Hang Quat has a long history and is always busy. At first, there are only some small tables next to the wall. However, these days, the number of tables increased to and is full of the narrow lane 74.

Bun Oc at Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan market is a world of diverse and typical street food of the Old Quarter. Any food stalls or restaurant here is always crowded even though it sells noodles or cake. But bun oc is probably the most favorite dish because it associated with the eating habits of Hanoians. Visitors cannot resist a bowl of bun oc with banana and tofu in this stalls.

Che Muoi Sau on Ngo Thi Nham Street

Che muoi sau

A long queue before gruel stall (Source: Internet)

Located at the intersection of Ngo Thi Nham Street and Le Van Huu Street, this stall has existed for nearly 30 years. This is probably the oldest gruel stall in Hanoi specializing in selling the traditional gruels in Hanoi such as green beans sweet gruel, black beans sweet gruel, sweet lotus seed gruel, rice ball sweet soup, etc. They are all made from natural ingredients and traditional recipes that bring the sweet taste of each serving. Price of a bowl of gruel here rages from 10,000 VND to 15,000.

Chao trai on Tran Xuan Soan Street

Chao trai

Chao trai tran xuan soan (Source: Internet)

On your Hanoi food tour, you can find this dish anywhere in the corner of Hanoi streets but nowhere cooks porridge smoother and mussels fatter than here. This stall has sold mussel porridge more than 30 years. The price of 30,000 VND per serving is not cheap for this dish but only tasting it, you can see the quality of a porridge bowl. Besides, this stall also sells tofu, which you should try if possible.

Xoi xeo Hang Bai

Xoi xeo Hang Bai

Xoi xeo hang bai is always busy (Source: Internet)

Hanoians don’t feel strange to the sticky rice stall of Mrs. May on Hang Bai street, which has existed more than 20 years. Sticky rice served with green beans and coated with fried onions is a familiar breakfast for many people. She always cooks with clean ingredients, which makes her stall last so long.

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