Top long-standing food store in Hanoi


Today article is going to give you well-known long-serving eating address in Hanoi. The capital city of Vietnam is the center of not only the economy, culture, tourism but also food. The food culture in Hanoi has a long history with various unique cuisines as well as long-standing brand names which are very popular among the Hanoi people. Let’s check out some famous address for your Hanoi food tour to enjoy Hanoi culinary quintessence.

Bread Stores

Phuc Bread

Placed in Yet Kieu Street with large and airy space, Phuc Bread is one of the most long-standing bread store handed down from ancestors in Hanoi. Coming here, you will have a large range of choice from pate bread, pork bread to wine sauce bread or beefsteak bread, etc. among which pate bread and beefsteak bread are two most favorite choices. Pate in Phuc Bread has a unique taste, unlike any other stores. The BBQ pork or char sui in the bread is the soft lean meat, making it tastes very tasty. Each bread costs 15.000 VND, cheaper than most of the other stores.


Bread of Phuc’s in Hanoi

Nguyen Sinh Bread

Nguyen Sinh is a very age-old brand name, its forerunner even existed since the time of French Domination as one of the very first western food restaurant opened by Vietnamese people in Hanoi. Each portion of bread in Nguyen Sinh has about 10 kinds of enclosing foods including liver pate, smoked pork, hot dog, etc. processed on the unique recipe of the restaurant.


Nguyen Sinh’s bread

Hue Street Bread

This bread shop was once complimented by Geoffrey Deetz – a chief and culinary expert. In the article titled “Vietnam bread is the best food in the world” by BBC described about this food as “although it’s not too complex, everything inside it has separate functions: shredded meat helps sauce absorb, pate helps the bread wet, and grilling keeps the bread crispy even in the wet weather.

[Bread in Hue Street Store]

The journalist David Farley praised that: “This loaf of bread is really different! The crispy crust allured the wonderful taste of pork combined with spices gently.” Let’s come and eat a bread of this store in your Hanoi food tour.

Steam rolled rice pancake

Thanh Van’s at 14 Hang Ga

It’s a famous address in Hanoi to enjoy steam rolled rice pancake, presented in the list of culinary destinations of Lonely Planet, so there are always a lot of foreign tourists coming there to eat. Steamrolled rice pancake is one of the best attractions in Vietnam culinary tours. Pancake in this store has a traditional taste of Hanoi steam rolled rice pancake with thin, soft and fragrant cover, especially, there is chicken pie filler which is quite strange, unlike other stores. Moreover, they have homemade dried chopped spring onion bulb, ground salted shredded shrimp.


Rice pancake in Thanh Van’s

Phuong’s Store at 68 Hang Cot

Phuong’s steamrolled rice pancake store belongs to a Chinese Vietnamese family living in Hanoi for generations, so her rice pancake has many differences from others’. The filler includes chopped pork, fried Job’s ear, and the field mushroom. The coat of the pancake is very thin and white, covering the fillers insides, rubbed a thin oil layer.


Phuong Store in Hanoi

The sauce has chopped lean pork fried with soup, sliced field mushroom, salt, spices, but it does not smell like fish sauce. Fish sauce, rice vinegar, and lemon are put separately for customers to choose and add themselves. That’s why Phuong’s is always a favorite eating address for a Hanoi food tour. The food is served with frilled chopped fat meat, Chinese sausage, and delicious homemade salted shredded shrimp.

Mrs. Hoanh’s at 66 To Hien Thanh

This is one of the most long-standing eating address in Hanoi. The steam rolled rice pancake in this store is the famous recipe of Thanh Tri’s pancake, so, the cake’s coat is made as thin as a paper, also soft and tough. This rice pancake is served with a bowl of sauce with grilled meat or pork pies. If you don’t know what to eat in Hanoi, let’s visit this address and enjoy a serving of steamrolled rice pancake to taste the traditional flavor of Vietnamese cuisine.


Mrs. Hoanh’s rice pancake

Vietnamese bread and steamrolled pancake are two top foods in Hanoi for breakfast. The article gave you top long-standing eating addresses in Hanoi that you should drop in and have a nice Vietnamese breakfast. Let’s come and enjoy!

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