Top famous street hotpot in Hanoi


Hotpot is extremely popular in Vietnam, especially on the occasion of gathering family or friends. Despite summer, you still want to enjoy this contemplating dishes. Today we are so happy to introduce you to some favorite kinds of hotpot that you cannot help in the capital of Vietnam with Hanoi street food tours.

Snail hotpot

Although snail rice noodle is well-known, snail hotpot is quite strange to many people. This dish is the combination of spicy and sour taste, boldly possesses the Vietnam cuisine. Besides the main ingredient is snails, in the hot pot, there are also fried tofu, beef, spring roll, bacon and so on. It will be more delicious when served with other vegetables such as perilla, salads, and bananas flower. When having the chance to come to Hanoi, you should not miss this special food.


A delicious snail hotpot that you cannot refuse

You can visit street stalls in Khuong Thuong alley on Truong Chinh Street or To Hieu Street to enjoy this delicacy.

Fresh-water Crab HotPot with Beef and Pork Rib

You can enjoy this dish in all 4 seasons of the year. It is not only extremely delicious but also not to be repulsive in spite of eating many times. The soup has the special taste of crab and the sweet fragrant smelt from a distance that will make you crave to it. The rib cartilage in hotpot must be soft and crunchy; and the beef must be the best shank beef, after being sliced and soaked in the soup, they can be eaten immediately. Food lovers can eat this hotpot with any kind of vegetables but the indispensable one is thinly chopped banana flower.


Must-try fresh-water crab hotpot with beef and pork rib in Hanoi

If one day you suddenly do not know what to eat in Hanoi, let try this Fresh-water crab hotpot with beef and pork rib on Nguyen Du, Phan Boi Chau, Kim Ma, Pho Duc Chinh with only VND 300,000 for 4 people.

Kèo fish hotpot

This is a popular dish of Southern Vietnam and now introduced to Hanoi. The difference of this hotpot is the taste of River-leaf creeper (lá giang) – the leaves are only seen in the South of Vietnam, beyond the sweet and sour taste.


Kèo fish hotpot – a specialty in Southern Vietnam

Kèo fish – a type of catfish with approximate 15 cm in length is a favorite fish in the Southern culinary. This fish meat with its aromatic taste, eaten with knotgrass (rau đắng) and bananas flowers would make people cannot forget once having a try.

Keo fish hotpot is extremely delicious, but the price is quite expensive since most of the ingredients must be transported from the South. A kèo fish hotpot is about 300,000 VND or more.  You can drop by some stalls on Van Cao Street, Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Lang Pagoda or Tang Bat Ho… to enjoy the best ones.

Beef vinegar hotpot

This one is the great combination of hotpot and roll. Its soup is sour by vinegar and has the fragrance of citronella and coconut. Beef used for this hotpot must be sliced shank beef or tenderloin. These slices after being launched quickly in the hot soup would be rolled by Vietnamese dry pancake (bánh đa) and other vegetables. A dish of sauce made of small fish or shrimp will be the highlight of this hotpot.


The irresistible beef vinegar hotpot in Hanoi street stalls

With about VND 400,000, visitors in a group of 4 will get your belly full of food. Let come to Tran Xuan Soan, Doc Ngu slope, Huynh Thuc Khang or Hoe Nhai to enjoy this strange hot pot.

Duck hotpot

Duck hotpot is the best ideal for travelers when taking a trip with family or friends since it is not delicious but also nutritious. It is usually served with spinach to be more aromatic, but the “main” vegetables are swamp cabbage (rau muống).


Duck hotpot for those who are fans of duck

You can enjoy delicious duck pot in Kim Ma, Yen Phu or Giang Vo. The price of a duck hotpot for 4 people is quite soft, only about 200,000 VND.

Hope that with this Hanoi street food tours, you guys will have an interesting food exploring!

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