Top 5 significant street foods in Hanoi for a budget traveler’s food tour


You are a casual traveler, on a budget and don’t mind eating at street food stalls? So Hanoi is tailor-made for you. Here is a list of top 5 significant street  foods in Hanoi for budget travelers:


Bun cha

Bun cha Hanoi

Bun cha Hanoi (Source: Internet)

This dish is a meal fit for a president. Bun cha features chunks of char-grilled pork patties bathing in exquisite dipping sauce. It is also served with assorted greens and cold vermicelli noodle. In bun cha, there is a contrast between a burst of flavor from crispy-edge pork and crunchy herbs. Opt for the following places for the best bun cha in town:

Skewer bun cha: Phat Loc Alley.

Bun cha Vong Thi: 299 Bach Mai Street.

Bun cha Le Van Huu: 24 Le Van Huu Street.

A standard serve of bun cha is between 25.000 VND and 35.000 VND, depending on how much meat you want and where you plan to dine.

Bun rieu

Bun rieu

A standard bowl of bun rieu  (Source: Internet)

Bun rieu is a prime example of how versatile bun can be. Unlike other bun dishes with clear broth, it stands out with a distinctive crimson color. Crabmeat and branched tomatoes are the key ingredients in a bowl of bun rieu. Tamarind paste, vinegar or fermented rice contribute to the sourness of the broth. Depending on the region, bun rieu might come with fried tofu, beef, fried shallot, and snails. Some restaurants to opt for to have the authentic taste of bun rieu are:

Bun rieu: 5 Ta Hien Street.

Bun rieu: 322 Doi Can Street.

Bun rieu via he: 75 Hang Bong Street.

A bowl of bun rieu can be as cheap as 15.000 VND but the common price is 25.000 VND.

Banh xeo

Banh xeo

Banh xeo (Source: Internet)

Banh xeo is a crispy crepe stuffed with either shrimp or pork and bean sprouts. It is often served with rice papers, greens and sweet and sour dipping sauce. First, you cut up the crepe and lay a rice paper on a plate. Then place a lettuce leaf and some herbs of your choice on top. After that, put a segment of banh xeo atop the greens and roll it up like a spring roll. Finally, dip the roll in sauce and tuck in.

Some places for crispy banh xeo are:

Ong Sau Phuoc: 74 Cau Dat Street

Banh xeo Tu Dong: 29 Vu Tong Phan.

Banh xeo gia truyen: alley 10, Ton That Tung Street.

A banh xeo is between 6.000 VND and 9.000 VND. The bigger the shrimp, the pricier the crepe.

Ga tan

Ga tan

Ga tan (Source: Internet)

This popular Vietnamese tonic comes in form of a black chicken in a can. It’s a world apart from the chicken soup you know back home but is as effective with cold. The medicinal properties of the dish come from wormwood and some eastern medicines. Ga tan cannot be a staple by itself; so they usually have it with instant noodle to make a hearty dinner.

Some restaurants and food stalls for ga tan are:

Mi ga tan: the section between Hang Bo and Cha Ca Street.

Mi ga tan, pho ga: 24 Lan Ong Street.

As you will have a whole chicken, a standard serve of ga tan is a bit more expensive than other street dishes. It ranges from 30.000 VND to 50.000 VND.

Pho cuon

Pho cuon

Pho cuon (Source: Internet)

This is a healthier brother of nem ran that may serve either as a snack or a main course. Each roll of pho cuon is bulging with minced beef or pork, coriander, and lettuce. A blend of fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and sliced carrots is the dipping sauce. In recent years, fried pho is gaining popularity with youngsters in Hanoi. The chefs cut up sheets of pho into squares. Then they are deep-fried in oil and stir-fried with beef and vegetable. If you are a fan of fried goodies, this new dish is a must.

You can find a decent dish of pho cuon at:

Pho cuon Hung Ben: 35 Nguyen Khac Hieu, Ba Dinh district.

Pho cuon Chinh Thang: 7 Mac Dinh Chi.

Pho cuon Huong Mai: 25 Ngu Xa

A roll of pho cuon is about 6.000 VND.

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