The top Hanoi street food


If you have the opportunity to travel Vietnam on the occasion of Tet holiday you will witness a slight increase in most prices of goods from 5000 VND to 10000 VND. That is what surprised many visitors to join the Hanoi food tour.

However, on workdays, prices of Hanoi street foods are decreased and kept quite stable..

Let’s take note the following information because we will give you guides to Hanoi and what to eat in Old quarter.

Drink egg coffee


Egg coffee in Hanoi

Coffee can be found anywhere in the street from the airport to train stations or hotels. You can enjoy this drink throughout the journey to explore Vietnam. However, stopping in Hanoi, diners have to try the coffee at the Old Quarter Cafe in Hang Gai street once. There are many ideal seats for guests both watching Hoan Kiem Lake and drinking coffee. 

Noodle with stir- fried beef & roasted peanut of the Southern
(Bún bò Nam Bộ)

Hanoi Old Quarter is home to many noodles restaurants for guests to choose. We suggest one of the most prominent places to eat is the Southern beef rice noodles in Hang Dieu. 


Southern Beef noodles

The Southern beef noodles includes fried beef with many kinds of raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, onion,garlic mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce

  • Address: 67 HangDieu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: Morning to evening
  • Price: 60,000 VND / bowl

Refresh yourself with beer

Hanoi is one of the most popular places to drink beer in the world. Every day, this drink offers discounted hours that attract many people.


Hanoi beer

About 5 p.m, mostly men gathered around the plastic table and sip a glass of cold beer. In Hanoi, visitors can visit a corner of West Lake to get into the local air, drink beer with dishes such as noodles, grilled pork, fish, or grilled chicken.


Red river tea room

Located in a narrow alley in Au Co Street, visitors can find the Red River Tea Room. This is an address to serve beer and wine that are produced manually in Vietnam attracting crowds of foreign visitors in Hanoi food tour.

Rice noodles with grilled meat in Hàng Mành street

For the followers of this Hanoi street food, Dac Kim noodles restaurant at the top of Hang Manh Street is no longer strange. With a relatively small area, at peak hours, diners have to go to the upper floor or sit on the sidewalk.


Rice noodles with grilled meat

The restaurant was opened in the early 1960s. At present, the takeover is the next generation in the family. Pork should be lean and fat meat mixed. After initial processing, meat is spiced carefully and then baked on the charcoal stove. Each of the noodles bowl here is priced from 50,000 to 60,00 VND.

Steamed glutinous rice in Hang Bai street

Two loads of steamed glutinous rice have been familiar with the people in Hang Bai street over the past 20 years. Located at the corner of Hang Bai – Ly Thuong Kiet crossroads, loads of  Mrs. May’s steamed glutinous rice consist of two big baskets with several bags. Customers buy this dish on the way to school, work mostly in 7 a.m.


Sticky steamed glutinous rice

Sticky steamed glutinous rice is soft and fragrant, wrapped in fresh banana leaves, the layer of “xéo”- made from the green bean is fragrant, or corn kernel. The full dish is priced at 10,000 VND. Salted shredded meat and onions are made manually by the host to keep the taste intact.

Snail noodles in Hang Chai street

The three-generation noodles restaurant of Mrs. Them is the famous cuisine of Hanoi as well as what to eat in the Old Quarter.

The wait for 15-20 minutes to eat the bowl of noodles is very normal. The characteristic feature of Hang Chai noodles is only noodles, snails and spices accompanied with green onion, tomato. The broth is clearer, and sourer than other places but still very frugal, sweet and tasty.


Snail rice noodles

The restaurant is open from 7h to 13h. Coming to the restaurant that’s always busy, you have to find the parking- lot. A bowl of noodles is about 30,000 VND.

Sweet gruel in Hàng Cân street

Open before 1975, this is considered as one of the oldest sweet gruel shops in Hanoi Old Quarter. Although there are indoor tables and chairs diners still prefer to sit on the sidewalk to watch the street and enjoy sweet gruel.


Sweet gruel in Hang Can street

In the summer, you can enjoy the sweet gruek of green peas, black beans, coconut lotus seeds, pearl tea … In the winter, the restaurant change the menu with bà cốt sweet gruel (made from expanded glutinous rice), Stuffed sticky rice balls, lục tàu xá

  • Address: 4 Hang Can Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 9am – 10pm
  • Price: 15.000 – 20.000 VND / cup

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