Special rice noodle in Hanoi, have you try?


If you have ever come to Hanoi, the very first thing you must take is a Hanoi food tour. The simplicity of this city is shown by the cuisine of Hanoi in the old town and the people in Hanoi as well. When going to Hanoi, you have to remember to try noodle cakes, which is simple gifts that are subtle, attached to a cold morning.


Vermicelli in Hanoi

The most important factor to make a vermicelli delicious or not is the bouillon. The bouillon in Hanoi must have the sour taste of vinegar and tomato to light up the sweet taste of copper crab. Crab is ground into pieces and then put in the bouillon. The filtered bouillon, then, is carefully added to the pot. Look at the pot of red of a tomato, sparkling yellow of crab on the bouillon, you will find that this is the best street food of Hanoi.

Over many years, the seller also changed the way to cook crab noodles to adapt to diners’ taste by combining it with all kinds of other ingredients such as beef, pork or bond, etc. But if you want to taste the bar of rice vermicelli in the past, you should note the following address.

Noodle in Hang Bac


Vermicelli in Hang Bac

Like most of the noodle in Hanoi old town, the noodle shop in Hang Bac is quite modest, small, pretty. Even though there are not many seats here, for dozens of years, noodles here is still popular, which create a bustle for the whole street in breakfast time or lunchtime.

If you want to enjoy a sour, gentle, simple bowl of vermicelli crab, you should visit here. If you want to have more flavor in your dish, you can order additional beef with mushrooms. Just call a few more scrambled, pick up a vegetable salad, you will have the best dish ever. The harmonious taste of noodles blended with the smell of the aromatic scent of additional ingredients will make you remember forever.

Vermicelli in QuangTrung


Vermicelli in Quang Trung

The next destination on your Hanoi food tour must be “Huyen’s shop” in Quang Trung Street. For many years, this shop is still famous for serving one of the most delicious noodles in Hanoi. Previously, the restaurant is just a burden of food on the sidewalk where guests sit on low chairs. Huyen’s shop has now turned into a shop that opens at noon, and of course, still serves the delicious and quality dish like that but the price is not cheap. The price of a bowl sometimes is up to more than 50,000 VND.

Here, they sell noodles with snail and vermicelli, but you should order a bowl of crab noodle that is very fragrant and tasty. Each of the crab bricks here is delicious by simply adding a vegetable basket and some pieces of first-class beef.

Vermicelli in Hang Luoc

Located on the sidewalks of Hang Luoc Street, the shop has a large table, which is decorated with neat materials. Dark red tomato juice of vermicelli here has a unique sweet and special tastes. If you do not like the sweet taste, you can tell the chef of the restaurant and she can change the favor to make it less sweet. A normal bowl of noodle is delicious with soft beef, crispy pick ears, fried tofu and dry onions made directly by the chef. Especially, the shop also sells vermicelli noodles with duck eggs in it, which makes the dish liked by everyone. Try this on your Hanoi tour is a great option.

Vermicelli of Hang Bong

Vermicelli is here is very good with a very complex aroma. You can eat this dishes and feel the sweetness of the crab and the sour taste from tomatoes with vinegar. It also has the familiar taste with various colors which are the red of crab, the white of the vermicelli and green of onions. Later, when the vermicelli is served, you can add the banana vegetable salad, lettuce, and perilla to make the dish have more flavors. Remember to visit this shop on your Hanoi foodie tour.

These above are the must-visit destinations on your Hanoi culinary tour. Put them on your list and take a visit whenever you have chances to travel to the beautiful city.

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