Name some well-known hipster café shops in Hanoi


Nothing better than starting your day in Hanoi with a cup of coffee in a café shop. Today, with Hanoi day tours, we are so excited to recommend you some must-come hipster coffee shops (classic café shop with soft music) in Hanoi.

The Kafe Village


The Kafe Village

Born after the success of The Kafe Dien Bien Phu which is the first Kafe in Hanoi, it is said that The Kafe Village is just another copy of the previous one. Nevertheless, the Kafe Village has its own unique things attracting people and becomes one of the best coffee shops in Hanoi.

Different from the Kafe Dien Bien Phu, one of the most crowded streets, the Kafe Village located on a quiet corner. Being not as modern as The Kafe Dien Bien Phu, The Kafe Village is a villa with old French architecture style, so quiet and peaceful.

Let image, you are in this villa and enjoy the fresh tea or a set of dessert, what a pleasant feeling. Some people said once coming to this coffee shop, they wanted to go back many times.

The menu here is quite special as there are traditional Vietnamese dishes alongside European ones. The shop has completely created its own mark, attracting young people with nostalgic gout. So if you want to find yourself some quiet moments to get away from the city busy life then do not hesitate to come here.

Cong café

Cong café with its fancy shop design is a favorite hipster cafe in Hanoi. Perhaps, not any café shops can replace this gorgeous Cong café.


Cong Café

Cong café is a chain café shop in Hanoi with the main style in Hanoi subsidy period. Stepping into the shop, visitors will feel like having walked through the magic door. From that door, they back to the past, when Phoenix car is popular. If you guys pay attention close to the small details of the shop, you can definitely feel the breath of the old time through the decoration.

If you want a luxury place with a luxury menu, Cong is not your good choice. Since in Cong café, you will have a back to the past adventure. Every dish in Cong café’s list is all about the childhood desserts. It can be a good deal or bad but somehow creates Cong café’s specialties.

One good thing about Cong café is the shop’s atmosphere. In the early of autumn, the sun is shining. Sometimes we can feel the cool breeze in the air lightly grazing our skin. Nothing special than having a cup of coffee or tea and look at the Hanoi streets. It is kind of an odd but cool experience when you imagine you are in the past and see the present in a dream.

La Place

It is the last one in the list of café shop of our Hanoi day tours. Some people wonder the origin of the shop but nobody knows, including the people in this shop. They only know that this shop has been existing for a long time, no matter how the world changes every day out there, La Place is still there. It still stands there to be an evidence of the young age of many generations in Hanoi.

La Place is a European style cafe located on Au Trieu Street. At first, La Place was as tiny as a small cave. Rêcntly, it has expanded to the next house for more space. But even in the old time, the owner of La Place knew how to arrange the space to make it wider. Guest coming to this place was overwhelmed since the shop is scamped but not cramped.


La Place Café

The tables near the balcony are the travelers’ favorite seat. From there, they can see the Cathedral loosely in the trees. What a poetic view, right? As the perfect view, the tables near the balcony are called the golden chairs and they are usually full.  However, you can choose the seat on the second floor with two rows of orange smooth salons. It is an ideal place for those who love reading in free time.

These are some famous well-known hipster coffee shops beyond plenty of others that we want to introduce to you. Hope that you will have your relaxing time in day tour in Hanoi with these coffee shops.

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