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How To Have The Best Hanoi Food Tour


Hanoi makes a significant impression on new visitors, who may find it a food paradise from the very first glance. We will show you the best tips to enjoy the amazing northern cuisine here.

Join in a food tour in Hanoi

In Hanoi, you will probably need to join a group if you want a more budget-friendly tour, with a number of participants ranging from six to ten individuals Grouping travelers is not only  about “the more the merrier” but you can also split the bill and even share the dish that you choose and vice versa. By that way, you may taste up to all specialities in a street food stall with an amount of one-dish money.

It would be better if you get a local to walk you around this ancient city, particularly the Old Quarter and try the different taste of cuisine. A native guide will keep you safe as you cross many streets together, avoiding automobiles, buses, and the ubiquitous motorbikes. Accompanied by a passionate gastronomic guide, you would be told about history of the city and the cultural significance of local food.

All guests joined in a food tour will be picked up at their hotel lobby, then head to the Old Quarter “36 streets” with the guidance of their tour guide. Usually, famous local restaurants and specialized-food families stalls are on top of the stop list that interest visitors as you can taste some particular dishes with flavors you have never experienced before.

Service companies in Hanoi usually provide guests with varieties of flexible Hanoi food tour, by walking or by scooter. The price ranges from only 20$ per person with a duration of 3 – 4 hours, including all street food, drink and English speaking guide as promised. Here are some of our best picks that received many positive feedbacks from clients:

Street food tour with Mr.Ha

Street food tour with Mr.Ha

Ha Food Tours

  • Address: 3rd Floor – No 9, Phu Doan St., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Hanoi Street Food Tour

  • Address: 74 Hang Bac Street at Kim Tours's Building, Old Quarter, Hanoi

Hanoi food tour

  • Address: Suite 3, no 3 Phan Huy Ich, Nguyen Trung Truc, Badinh, Hanoi

Make a list of top restaurants in Hanoi

If you are so eager to discover a new culture yourself, you can definitely arrange your own tour, with a list. Visitors, especially foreigners may easily get dizzy for being surrounded by numerous cafes and stalls, wasting hours wandering and wondering where to eat and drink. In that case, a top food stalls list can be your perfect guide. Below are the most delicious yet budget places:

Bun cha Huong Lien (grilled pork and noodle dish): from 40.000VND/dish

  • Address: 24 Le Van Huu, Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

In Hanoi, you should never forget to add bun cha restaurant where Obama and Bourdain visited into your Hanoi food tour. All ingredients are in a small bowl consisting of charred, minced pork and crispy cuts of pork belly submerged in fish sauce, together with some sliced carrots and chayote and black pepper. This is accompanied by two plates. One is a plate of fresh noodles, the other is filled with leaves: lettuce, perilla, a delicious fish mint, coriander, raw beansprouts, and morning glory.

A portion of bun cha Huong Lien

A portion of bun cha Huong Lien

Bun ca Van (fish noodle soup): from 30.000VND/bowl

  • Address: 105 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Bun ca Van is one of the top Hanoi downtown restaurants that goes to the history of food culture in Hanoi. Fish noodle here is famous for its unique soup that you can find nowhere. The recipe creating this fame sounds simple to almost everyone, such as crunchy fried fresh water perch, boiled shrimp, mustard greens, pungent onion, savoury cummin, celery and minced tomatoes. The fish noodle would taste better if accompanied by garlic soaked in vinegar, fresh chili and chili oil.

 2 fish noodle soup portions at Bun Ca Van

 2 fish noodle soup portions at Bun Ca Van

Banh gio Dong Cac (pyramidal rice dumpling): from 32.000VND/cake

  • Address: 33 Dong Cac, Dong Da, Hanoi

The cake is a mixture of non-glutinous rice outside with fried minced pork, mushroom, onion, some seafood and other ingredients inside. Banh gio is covered with banana leaves to preserve the quality of the cake. Banh gio here is always soft and kept hot, filled with many toppings. The sausage is sweat and spicy, totally fine going with the cake.

2 portions of banh gio Dong Cac

2 portions of banh gio Dong Cac

If you are headed to Vietnam, Hanoi is a perfect destination for your journey.

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