Hanoi’s food that all travel bloggers love


Hanoi is almost as synonymous with the word ‘street food’ as it is with the word ‘glamour.’ With a street food scene as renowned for its charming beauty and friendly locals, Hanoi is considered as an ever-evolving hub of delicious flavors. It is no surprise that many people just come here for Hanoi street foods – the good eats.

Which are the most popular favorites? Hereunder is our list of the top dishes that all travel bloggers love.

Pho – Vietnamese national noodle soup



It is easy to find pho – Vietnamese national noodle soup anywhere in the world but only in Hanoi – this dish’s spiritual home can you find its best flavor. If the well-known international chef Bobby Chinn only knew how to make Vietnamese beef stock until he came to Hanoi, Vietnamese cuisine lovers only find the best flavor of deeply savory and warmly spiced broth entwining with slippery rice noodles and a few pieces of beef or chickens in the capital city.  What sets pho in Hanoi apart from pho available in other regions in Vietnam? It is its broth, its flavor, and its decoration.

A pride of all Hanoians, this noodle soup is delicious and the broth, which comes from cooking the animals’ bones, not from seasoning, makes it a satiating food item. Unlike pho broth in Southern Vietnam, where beef’s bones, chicken’s bones, and dry squids are used to make the soup more flavorful, in Hanoi, the broth is made by simmering only beef bones and meat in a number of spices and along with cardamom, charred ginger, and onion for hours. Therefore, the broth is much clearer with less emphasis on the fish. Thinly sliced white onion, chopped cilantro, and mint are some of the other ingredients which can be added to this soup. The additional fresh crunchy vegetables provide a stunning juxtaposition next to the soft thickness of bánh phở (noodles).

Pho can be found on every Hanoi’s corner, by the lovely street vendors, whose reputation is made by the quality of her broth. Give it a try, for breakfast, or as a late-night snack then you will fall in love with this warming dish right from the delight of that first steamy slurp.

Bún chả – Hanoi style vermicelli noodles with grilled pork

Mr.Obama and his dinner with bún chả in Hanoi

Mr.Obama and his dinner with bún chả in Hanoi

A dish of vermicelli eaten with grilled pork and a dipping fish sauce, and a big basket of fresh greens such as Thai basil, cilantro, lettuce, fish mint, banana flower and coriander.

While pho is the acknowledged king of Vietnamese food, bún chả is a dish that you cannot resist from time to time. Pork cooked in 2 styles: chả miếng (grilled thin slice pork) and chả viên (grilled ground pork) dipped in a broth or fish sauce make one’s mouth water.

Bún chả only became a worldwide phenomenon and is gradually thought of as a byword for Hanoi street food after Mr. Barack Obama and his friend – the famous chef Anthony Bourdain had bún chả in a modest street-side restaurant for their dinner, but in Hanoi, it has been a local favorite for generations. How to enjoy bún chả? Just dip everything in the sweet and sour sauce, mix it together, and eat it like a bowl of Pho then you will see why it is praised as “a killer” and “an excellent dish” by Mr. Obama. 

Do you love bún chả as much as the US former president does? How can you say yes if you leave Hanoi without ever going on a Hanoi food tour and having tried bún chả in its city of origin?

Cà phê – Vietnamese coffee

Prince William enjoys Vietnamese coffee at a small coffee shop

Prince William enjoys Vietnamese coffee at a small coffee shop

Cheers to this unique coffee which makes this list of dishes to try on your Hanoi food tour consummate. Instead of fresh milk, Vietnamese people used sweetened condensed milk, which harmoniously blends with the incredibly strong, dark-roasted coffee to create a perfect cup of coffee. Vietnamese coffee is popular around the world and every region adds its own touch of flavor to it but only in Hanoi Old Quarter can you find the one that wins Prince William – the Duke of Cambridge’s heart.

What to eat in Hanoi? From pho – Vietnamese traditional noodle soup to Vietnamese coffee, you will easily find ideal preparations for a healthy and nutritious meal in Vietnam’s capital city.

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