Hanoi Food Tour – Traditional Food Tour


Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam and also one of the most popular destinations which attract a lot of foreign and domestic guests every day. People often fall in love the land in the first sight because of its beautiful landscapes and historical remains.

Furthermore, they even love the capital more because of Vietnamese cuisine in here. Hanoi food tour seems to be one must-do thing you should have in your travel. Especially, an old quarter food tour is an indispensable part of your tour. Through many years, there are some changes in Hanoi Old Quarter’s specialties.

Until now, there are many traditional dishes kept original taste by Hanoi people.


Pho is a typical dish of Hanoi which satisfies all kinds of eaters. Many foreigners have opportunities to try the dish, they always want to have it again and absolutely cannot forget its taste. Pho in Hanoi is famous for sweet broth, ripe beef, and soft noodles. Local people’s traditional breakfast is often Pho. That’s why it is quite easy for everyone to find a restaurant and enjoy a bowl of Pho in the morning.

The traditional dish always attracts everyone

The traditional dish always attracts everyone


Another dish which is a popular choice for traditional breakfast of Hanoi people is Xoi. You can see some small peddlers in the morning, but you will be surprised with many kinds of Xoi in the two baskets. Xoi is made from sticky rice and some other special materials. In the morning, a bowl of Xoi is enough energy for people to start their work.

Bun cha

It is a quite famous dish in Hanoi old quarter. A lot of tourists exploring Hanoi food tour want to eat bun cha. At present, Huong Lien restaurant is the most famous place for the dish. They had a chance to welcome American President, Barack Obama coming and having dinner when he visited Vietnam in 2016. The restaurant remains the traditional food for 25 years during many generations in their family.

Banh mi

Along with Pho, banh mi is also mentioned as the famous food in Vietnamese culinary culture. It is very different from bread or baguette in Europe. A loaf of banh mi involves many ingredients like pate, pork, sausage, fried egg, vegetables (cucumber, carrots, etc). Many famous articles suggested banh mi as the best sandwich in the world.

Besides some main foods, tourists also try Hanoi street food that is an interesting part of Vietnam cuisine.

Banh ran

You can meet many peddlers selling the food when you make your way by foot around Hoan Kiem Lake. It is the traditional food of Vietnamese to eat between the meals. This is appetizing and appealing when you see it. When eating, you can feel it crunchy in your mouth.


Com is specialties of Hanoi people. Just in the city, you can taste original flavor of the dish. However, you just have chances to enjoy it in Vietnamese autumn because it is the right time to collect special paddy to make Com. Lang Vong is the most famous brand of the dish in Hanoi.

Its color attracts everyone’s attention

Its color attracts everyone’s attention


Many people say that Vietnamese cannot live without café. It may be true. You can find a café shop in Hanoi old quarter easily. A lot of international guests have to admit that Vietnamese coffee is one kind of the most delicious coffee in the world. There is a unique type of café in Hanoi – Egg coffee. That is made by the own way of Vietnamese people and it is sure that you will never forget its taste.

The unique drink

The unique drink always is made by the creativeness of Vietnamese


Che is a typical dish of Hanoi street food which you should not ignore your travel.

If you come to a food stall, you can be attracted immediately by many colourful bowls which contain many kinds of che. There can be up to 20 kinds of different types of che for your choices. In Hanoi old quarter, Che Ba Thin is one of the most famous destinations because it has long-standing tradition kept for many generations.

Foreigners are often impressed by the colorful dish

Foreigners are often impressed by the colorful dish

Over time everything changes, old quarter food also has something new which catches up with the modern life. However, many traditional dishes are kept till now. They can be supplemented by some updated materials for serving customers’ demands. In fact, people still always love something traditional. That is one of the reasons why Hanoi old quarter is the best choice for Hanoi food tour.

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