Hanoi Food Tour – Stunning dishes in Hanoi


Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is not only famous for its historical values but also for its fantastic traditional dishes. Your Hanoi trip will not be complete without trying Hanoi specialties. Take a look at some must-eat dishes in Hanoi which are listed by streetfoodofhanoi to make sure you will not miss anything about this beautiful city.

1. Bun (Rice Noodles)

Of course, Bun is the thing that cannot be ignored every time mentioning Vietnamese street food. It is the traditional dish that travelers can find everywhere in Vietnam. Along with Nam Dinh’s, Hanoi’s Bun is the best tasty Bun in the whole country.

Bun Thang Hanoi

Bun Thang, Hanoi Old Quater (Source: Internet)

There are several types of Bun that you can try, namely Bun Bo, Bun Cha, Bun Ca, Bun Rieu, and Bun Moc. Each type has its own taste with different ingredients. The most specific one is Bun Cha, which consists of grilled pork, rice vermicelli and a bowl of dipping sauce. There is also a plate of fresh herbs to come with it. The sauce is made of Nuoc Mam – Vietnamese fish sauce, combined with vinegar, sugar, garlic, chilies, and lime.

Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun Cha – the special dish of Hanoi (Source: Internet)

To try these delicious dishes, you can walk around Hanoi Old Quarter and stop where the attracting smell comes from. The price for a bowl of noodle is about 40,000 VND, quite reasonable for a high-quality dish.

2. Cha Ca

Cha Ca is definitely a Hanoi’s specialty, which means if you want to try the original taste, Hanoi is where you should go. It is so important in Hanoi cuisine list that there is even a street named Cha Ca in this beautiful city.

Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong, Cha Ca Street, Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Whitefish are well seasoned with turmeric, garlic, ginger, and dill. They are served with rice vermicelli (bún), peanuts, onions, chilies and fish sauce. Mix everything together, dip it in the fish sauce, then you get a perfect dish for your Hanoi travel day!

You can find the original Cha Ca in some traditional restaurants in Hanoi, namely Cha Ca La Vong at Cha Ca Street and Cha Ca Thang Long at Duong Thanh Street. These have long-lasting tradition and are highly recommended by locals. 

3. Banh Cuon

Banh Cuon is another dish you cannot miss when having a Hanoi Food Tour. It is considered one of the best dishes for breakfast.

Banh Cuon is made of an exceptionally thin rolled rice sheet, filled with minced mushroom and ground pork meat. Fried onion and cilantro are added as toppings. It comes with a dipping sauce made from Vietnam’s traditional fish sauce. It is known as “Vietnam’s crepe”.

Banh Cuon Nong

Banh Cuon Nong, Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Banh Cuon restaurants are easily found in every street, especially in Hanoi Old Quarter. To enjoy the fresh and hot one, find where steams are coming up because the chefs make it right in front of the restaurants.

4. Xoi Xeo

Xoi Xeo is a mouth-watering street dish that you can easily buy from outdoor markets. It consists of sticky rice and toppings of fried onion and “mung” bean. There are also some other things you can add to your dish such as “Cha Lua”, steamed chicken, “ruoc” – smashed and fried salted pork, eggs, and pork belly. It is not only a dish to eat at a restaurant but travelers can also take it away for their long day exploring Hanoi.

Xoi Xeo

Xoi Xeo at Xoi Yen Restaurant (Source: Internet)

Visitors can buy “Xoi Xeo” everywhere, but to try the best dish, you can come to Xoi Yen at Nguyen Huu Huan Street. It is a traditional restaurant with more than 40 years of history, providing customers with many different types of Xoi Xeo. A bowl of Xoi Xeo is only at 20,000 VND.

5. Banh Mi

Listed as one of the most delicious sandwiches all over the world, Vietnamese “Banh Mi” is a must-eat dish when taking a Hanoi food tour.

“Banh Mi” appeared when Vietnam was a French Colony. It is a cluster of traditional and Western culture. It is actually the famous French baguette in combination with pork, pate, and various vegetables. These things are put together, then creating a great flavor.

Banh My

Banh Mi Ha Noi (Source: Internet)

Each region has its variant of Banh Mi, and Hanoi is not an exception. Hanoi’s Banh Mi has many different types, which depend on what you choose to add. Each will provide you with a different flavor that you cannot stand yourself from eating.

Above are some of Hanoi Specialties that you should try when having a food tour around that small but beautiful city. Trust me; these dishes will never dissatisfy you!

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