Explore Hanoi cuisine with amazing Hanoi food tours


Hanoi is not only famous for historic sites, unique culture and customs and busy roads, it is also known for amazing cuisine as well. When getting around the city by bike on my day trip, I decided to make a food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam. This must be one of the best food tours I had ever experienced in my life.

1. Pho

I started my food tour with a bowl of pho at Pho Thin Lo Duc. Pho is the most famous Vietnamese dish so I decided to put it on the top of the list of must-eat in Vietnam. This simple dish is made from fresh rice noodles, sliced beef or chicken, some kinds of herbs and a kind of special broth. The most important thing in a bowl of pho is the broth. Pig bones are blanched in about 30 minutes before rinsed in cold water. Then they are put back into the pot to be braised with some cinnamon, sugar, star anise, cardamom, and clove. 

A bowl of Pho

A bowl of pho with beef (Source: Internet)

I caught sight of many pho street-side pho restaurants on Hanoi streets, however, I chose Pho Thin according to a recommendation of a friend. The restaurant lasted for over 30 years and still attracted a lot of foodie coming to get a tasty breakfast. Though the store was small and crowded but their pho was amazing and well-priced.

2. Bun cha

My food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam could not be complete without bun cha. Bun cha is an amazing street food for lunch that you should try at least once when visiting this city. This simple dish consists of rice vermicelli and grilled pork. Ground pork and sliced pork belly are marinated with brown sugary water before grilled on a charcoal stove until they turn brown and become crispy. Bun cha is served with a bowl of salty fish sauce broth and some kinds of herbs such as bean sprout, lettuce, coriander, etc.

Bun cha in Hanoi

Bun cha and nem cua be at Huong Lien restaurant (Source: Internet)

You can easily realize a bun cha restaurant on Hanoi streets by clouds of smoke from a red-hot charcoal grill. I came to Bun cha Lien Huong at 24 Le Van Huu Street, then ordered bun cha and nem cua be (fried crab spring rolls). It was better than I expected. The fried spring rolls were crispy and tasty. For a price of VND 40,000 (about $2) that was quite cheap, I had a delicious meal for lunch.

3. Banh mi

After 2 hours getting around the city, visiting some famous tourist attractions, I continue my food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam with a banh mi. Banh mi is such a popular street food of Hanoi that you should not miss. I bought a banh mi at Nguyen Sinh restaurant (at 19 Ly Quoc Su Street) which was famous with French baguettes based on Hanoi style. A banh mi includes a loaf of bread with various fillings such as liver pate, bacon, smoke sliced pork, sausages, cilantro and some home-made special sauce. The pate was fresh and the tastiest I had ever tried in Hanoi. Banh mi was good and well-priced as well. This restaurant is worth a visit in every Hanoi food tour.

Banh Mi in Hanoi

Banh mi at Nguyen Sinh restaurant with some fillings on plates (Source: Internet)

4. Ca phe trung (egg coffee)

I put an end to my food tour with a cup of egg coffee at Giang coffee (39 Nguyen Huu Huan) with the suggestion of a local friend. The coffee shop was located on a dark narrow road and was quite small with short tables and chair. It was a little bit difficult to find out the way to the coffee shop but it is really worth a visit.

Inside Giang café, I found a cozy atmosphere and a fascinating view of Hoan Kiem Lake from the 2nd floor. My egg coffee had a unique and charming taste that I had never tried. It is creamy, smooth and not too sweet. If you are going to travel Hanoi, don’t forget to visit this unique coffee shop in your Hanoi day trips.

Egg coffee

Egg coffee has unique and charming taste (Source: Internet)

Here is the review of my Hanoi food tour. Check it to see whether it can help you with a wonderful trip in this city! 

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