Enjoy the unique plain rice flan in your Hanoi food tour


Hanoi food tour is always the most attractive activity for travelers and especially for food lovers. And one of the dishes that laid the foundation of Hanoi unique food is plain rice flan. Let’s take a deeper look into it and find out why it is interested by so many people.

Unknown origin, but very popular

Plain rice flan is one of the top dishes in Hanoi that you have to try. Its origin still stays unknown until now because the dish has been widespread for so long that no one could remember who its creator was. The only thing that we can be certain is that plain rice flan is a simple dish and famous in all three regions of Vietnam.

Although there are various ways to make it, depending on the unique cuisine of each region, the cooks always need to love their work and be professional.

A dish that requires meticulousness


Plain rice flan with meat

Plain rice flan is easy to enjoy but not so easy to make. People from Northern Vietnam think of the dish as a common but very hard to forget food. To those who live in the city, plain rice flan is similar to something new from the countryside. It brings them not only a familiar but also an unusual taste.

The greasy and crispy flavor of the flan combining with the sweet odor of the sauce makes an extremely exclusive dish. Due to a large number of steps and phases that a plain rice flan needs to be fully cooked, it requires high meticulousness. The most important stage is to choose the correct kind of rice.

Rice flour mixing with clear lime water is the main recipe of all types of flan. But every cook needs to have his own secret and a little hard work. Although blending rice flour with lime water sounds so easy, this decides the crispiness and toughness of the flan.

If there is too much lime water, the flan will be salty and full of lime odor. But if it is too little, the flan can get soft and pasty. During the steaming process, the flan must not be clotted, overcooked, or burnt. In order to have this, cooks have to stir it continuously and constantly. You will have a chance to see how they do that while taking part in Hanoi culinary tour.

After the flan is fully cooked, it is poured into a mold, which explains its round shape as you always see. Enjoying it is all that you want to do next.

There are many types of plain rice flan with different cuisines


Salty plain rice flan

In each region of Vietnam, plain rice flan has different variants. You can simply notice this by paying attention to its ingredients. Some examples that you may find are peanut plain rice flan, salty plain rice flan, corn plain rice flan, and so on.

Plain rice flan with meat is the best type where Hanoi cuisine is entirely revealed. In winter days, nothing can be better than enjoying a hot bowl of plain rice flan on Le Ngoc Han Street. Unlike other types, this dish comes with ground meat and Jew’s ears. It is a harmony of fried purple onions, vegetables, and rice flan.

In Central Vietnam, where the royal cuisine is very famous, salty plain rice flan is the most common one. Instead of being put in a bowl, it is cut into cubic pieces and topped with ground shrimps. Fish sauce with lemonade and garlic is often the sauce that customers use.

If the plain rice flan in Northern and Central Vietnam is favored in winter, it is preferred in summer in Southern Vietnam. The reason is that Southern plain rice flan is made from pandan leaves. It tastes sweet instead of salty or greasy. And it looks green instead of ivory-white. Enjoying it is just like eating candy.


Southern plain rice flan

No matter how many types of plain rice field are there, they are still one of the most exclusive dishes of the Vietnamese. Each of them has their very own flavor and you will love them after just one bite.

Some famous restaurants for you to enjoy plain rice flan

–    8 Le Ngoc Han Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

–    296 Minh Khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

–    55 Xa Dan 2 Alley, Dong Da District, Hanoi

–    28 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Trying all of the plain rice flan dishes in one of those restaurants, you will add another excellent food to your Hanoi food tour.

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