Bun Cha– The must-eat dish in Hanoi


Vietnam is famous for the long-standing history and culture. One of the greatest attractions among hundreds of impressive cultural features is the unique food Vietnam cuisine with thousands of cuisines from simple to complex, and hundreds of tasty foods as well. Hanoi is one of the biggest food centers in Vietnam. And besides “pho”, the most well-known food in Vietnam, “bun cha” is another must-eat Hanoi food when visiting this city. Let’s check out top locally famous restaurants to enjoy this must-eat food in Hanoi that only Hanoi people know.


Must-eat food in Hanoi

Review of Bun Cha

A serving of “bun cha” also known as grilled meat and vermicelli includes a dish of white, soft and cool rice vermicelli, grilled pork and spicy, raw vegetables and well-mixed fish sauce. For a dish of “bun cha”, you can take a dish of rice vermicelli, a dish full of vegetables and a bowl of fish sauce combined with vinegar, sugar, hot chilly, garlic and pepper.


Bun Cha Hanoi

The sauce contains all the essential tastes like sour, hot, salty and sweet. There are two types of “cha” (grilled chopped meat) depending on the cutting type of the meat. If the cook cuts the pork into small pieces of meat, it’s called “cha mieng” or piece of grilled pork. If he chops the meat smaller and shapes it as cubes, it’s called “cha bam” or grilled pork. Take a piece of vermicelli, dip it into the sauce, and eat with a piece of grilled meat. Trust me, you’ll never forget that taste and just want to have more. That’s why it’s the most attractive Hanoi food you must try when visiting this city.

Top great “bun cha” restaurant only Hanoi-ers know

1.     East Gate Bun Cha

Bun cha “Cua Dong” in the East Gate of Hanoi is said to be the most “addictive” dish by local people. The first thing to talk about East Gate “bun cha” is that “cha” in this restaurant is not grilled alone as normal but it is combined and covered by lolot leaf, which makes the grilled porks or “cha” smell more fragrant and attractive.


Bun Cha 41 Cua Dong

A portion of “bun cha” in this restaurant has so much grilled meat that when you eat up the vermicelli, there is quite a lot of meat left in the sauce bowl. With only $2.5, you’ll have a very delicious “bun cha” meal in this East Gate.

2.     Bun Cha Hang Quat

Although the restaurant is quite small the name “Bun Cha Hang Quat” in the Old Quarter is very popular with Hanoi locals. There are only a few tables and chairs set along the small alley but the restaurant is always crowded.


Bun Cha 74 Hang Quat

Grilled chopped meat in Bun Cha Hang Quat is a favorable dish of people here. The piece of grilled chopped meat is round, well-grounded, less fat, nearly parching, but still sweet and soft. It also smells very fragrant due to the complicated spice mixing process.

3.     Bun Cha Hang Than

Another locally well-known Bun Cha restaurant in Hanoi is “Bun Cha Hang Than”. People living around this site are familiar with the sight that people flock to eat in this restaurant. It only costs $1.5 for a serving full of grilled pork. Many people expressed that they are really surprised because the price is too…cheap for the food in a famous restaurant in the Old Quarter.


Buncha Hang Than

The dish is very full of both vermicelli and grilled pork so that you’ll feel really full after the meal. The serving attitude of the staff is really good, too.

4.     Bun Cha Phat Loc

Bun Cha Phat Loc is also called bamboo stick bun cha. The mistress has cooked and sold this food for 30 years. She chooses the pork very carefully, cuts the meat into thick pieces, haft is lean and the other is fatty, then she mixed it with lots of spices and grilled the meat clipped in bamboo sticks. The flavor of the grilled meat attracts a lot of eaters to this address to enjoy a tasty serving of bun cha Hanoi.


Buncha Phat Loc

5.     Bun Cha Bach Mai

Another address to enjoy bamboo stick bun cha, a dish must-eat in Hanoi, is Bach Mai. The restaurant is opened from 14:00. A portion includes vermicelli, grilled pork, mixed fish sauce, raw vegetables which are put separately. Grilled pork pieces are fragrant, soft, and impressively tasty. That’s why although the price is higher than other address, a lot of people still come here to enjoy a delicious dish of bun cha. It costs $2 – $2.5 for a serving of bun cha in this restaurant.


Buncha Bach Mai

These are 5 most addresses that serving the most delicious buncha – a must-eat Hanoi food when visiting this city. If you worry about how to find the best places like that, you can ask your Hanoi food guides. Let’s come and check it yourself. You’ll want to return more times.

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