Bia hơi on Ta Hien Street – a unique experience for beer lovers


Like áo dài in term of Vietnamese traditional dress and phở in term of Vietnamese traditional food, beer has always been an important part of our country’s culture—especially “nhậu” culture. For more than 100 years, craft brewers have quietly begun a revolution in our S-shape land, pushing new extremes with the way people drink and think about beer.

Pack your bags and go on a tour to Hanoi, Vietnam – one of the best beercation destinations for 2018.

Yes, there are obvious Vietnam beer travel destinations to go on your Vietnam culinary tours, like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hoi An, and even Halong Bay. And there are bucket-list beercations abroad, like Laos and Thailand. But for the beer lover looking to delve a little deeper into craft beer culture, Hanoi capital city has long become a prime destination for beer travel. Have never tasted beer yet? Come to Hanoi. You will definitely fall in love with it!

Where to say cheers?


Ta Hien Street

From a burgeoning gypsy brewing scene in Ho Chi Minh metropolis to the emerging craft brewery taprooms among the ancient houses in Hoi An, a lot of destinations in Vietnam are ripe for discovery. But while you are in the capital city of Vietnam, Ta Hien Street – “bia hơi street” must be the first place for you to say cheers.

Also, fun fact: Ta Hien the “Fresh Beer Crossroads/ Street” is only almost 270 meters long but packed with beer drinkers and a few plastic tables and chairs with the simple design. Expect to see the beer lovers – both locals and foreigners – filling the city’s backpacker strip every night.

If you love beer, Ta Hien breweries are the best places to satisfy your thirst for traditional beer culture on your Vietnam culinary tours. Even when you have willingly drunk your way around the globe, not until coming to Hanoi can you find some golden colors to the house of the best beers in the world.

Which kind of beer to order?


What kind of beer to order?

Even though many pubs in the Old Quarter try to cater to Western taste and Western version of a good night out by offering imported beer like the expensive beers from Germany, Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Republic or Vietnamese beer brands like Hanoi, 333, and Saigon, bia hơi – Hanoi fresh beer is the most favorite one. It is bia hơi that rivals Hanoi’s enthusiasm for alcohol. Local varieties are mostly served on tap. After ordering, you will be served craft brews drained through a plastic tube from a barrel of beer.

Average Price for a Pint


How is beer enjoyed in Hanoi?

Certainly easy to find everywhere, beer has long been an irreplaceable part of Vietnamese culture and drinking beer is a way of life in Hanoi. On per headcount, a cup of beer in Hanoi – the cheapest beer in the world costs an average of VND 12,000 (about USD $0.5). Do you know that street drinking is the norm, especially in the humid and hot summer months? With only USD $1, you can soak up flavor for hours paired with foods like lạc luộc (boiled peanut with shell) or nem chua rán (fried sour rolls) served fresh at a reasonable price.

How do Vietnamese enjoy the bia hơi culture?


Beer is a part of Vietnamese culture

To add to its appeal besides the cheap price and unique flavor – rather light, not pungent, the exotic ambiance in the beat of live music provokes beer lovers all over the world and even the ones with their first glass of beer to have one more. Sunday afternoons in the glow of the sunset are best enjoyed with a glass of beer with your best friends. However, Vietnamese practice “bia hơi culture” in every corner at any time.

Take a seat, order a glass of beer, watch the city lights up, listen to the sound of the streams of vehicles running across the street in a hurry, it is your fantastic chance to see the beautiful and lively image of Hanoi as well as delve into a complete blend of Hanoian and foreign culture.

How to fully enjoy your Hanoi day tours? Make sure to take time to discover the different ways Hanoians and travelers enjoy beer. Well, Ta Hien Street in the Old Quarter must be your place to visit for sure on your Vietnam tours.

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