Vietnam travel guide: Things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot of attractions to explore as well as interesting things to do. Let’s check out top interesting things and attractions that you can enjoy in your Vietnam trip with Vietnam travel guide.

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Hanoi street food this weekend, would you

I don’t know about you, but my answer would be a “Yes” for sure! Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, not only possessed beautiful natural scenery but it is also famous for a unique and sophisticated cuisine that attracts a lot of visitors. In Hanoi, there are streets that the names even say what food tourists can specifically enjoy there.

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Street food in Dong Xuan market - Excellent Vietnam cuisine

It is true that many foreign visitors choose Vietnam as their destination because of the food. Not only diverse but also excellent, our cuisine definitely will not disappoint the tourists. But what to eat when traveling in Vietnam? Well, each region has a different traditional specialty.

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Hanoi, Stay and Eat

Despite having a great interest in discovering the local cuisine, I often feel discouraged whenever thinking about getting through the heavy traffic from places to places just to taste a new dish, and surely so do other visitors. 

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“Cha ca La Vong”– a should-not-miss Hanoi specialty

Not only is Hanoi renowned as a city of peace, the city also captures visitors’ hearts by its special delicacies. Hanoi is home to many famous dishes representing the Northern Vietnam cuisine such as pho, bun cha, xoi xeo, and especially, “cha ca”. “Cha Ca” or “Cha Ca La Vong” (grilled fish) is not just a normal dish of Hanoi’s citizens but it is now a must-taste dish that travelers cannot help falling in love.

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Have you ever tried banh cuon in Vietnam?

Each Vietnamese has their favorite, go-to recipes for the first meal of the day. Like what the origin of its name suggests, breakfast - breaking the fast, is the most important meal of a day. Not only does it kick-start your metabolism, but it also provides you with all the energy you need to focus at work or at school.

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