Top 3 must-try local dishes in Hanoi

In Ha Noi, especially in many busy streets, people often have the habit of eating light meals from morning till night. Apart from various well-known Hanoi food such as pho, bun cha, etc, there are still a lot of must-eat dishes in Hanoi which are highly recommended by local Hanoians.

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Discover the art of Hanoi food: com (green sticky rice)

Hanoi food is widely famous for distinct flavor, especially traditional specialties. Below streetfoodofhanoi will give you useful knowledge about the unique Com.

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What can you get from a Hanoi food tour?

What are you thinking about these 3 picks of mine? This helpful Hanoi food tour guides you to the entrance of our finest delicacy world.

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Enjoy Hanoi food tours with some beautiful coffee shops

From traditional to luxurious formats, Hanoi has thousands of coffee shops with new and nice style, which attracts a lot of tourists especially young people when they are in Hanoi food tours.

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Hanoi street food: Cold snail rice noodles

Hanoi has a dish that experiences the fluctuations of the time always keep the original and unique taste that is cold snail rice noodles. This is the favorite dish of Hanoians from the past in the sweltering days.

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Grilled chopped nereididae sandworms (Chả rươi)

Hanoi is known as a cradle of cuisine with a variety of dishes from traditional to Western Europe spread by the large restaurants. But with that space decorated in a corner of Hanoi still has an ancient cuisine space with many attractive dishes. One of the must-eat dishes in Ha Noi is “Cha Ruoi” that has been attractive to many visitors.

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