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Hanoi Food Tour - Stunning dishes in Hanoi

Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is not only famous for its historical values but also for its fantastic traditional dishes. Your Hanoi trip will not be complete without trying Hanoi specialties. Take a look at some must-eat dishes in Hanoi which are listed by streetfoodofhanoi to make sure you will not miss anything about this beautiful city.


Top 5 significant street foods in Hanoi for a budget traveler’s food tour

You are a casual traveler, on a budget and don’t mind eating at street food stalls? So Hanoi is tailor-made for you. Here is a list of top 5 significant street  foods in Hanoi for budget travelers:



Top 3 dishes in Hanoi

Vietnam cuisine is well-known for its delicate food that has never let us down. You can never get enough of the tasty flavor in harmony with colorful presentation. Out of hundreds of stunning dishes, there are 3 that stand out and are picked as the most iconic for Hanoi cuisine in general.


Explore Hanoi cuisine with amazing Hanoi food tours

Hanoi is not only famous for historic sites, unique culture and customs and busy roads, it is also known for amazing cuisine as well. When getting around the city by bike on my day trip, I decided to make a food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam. This must be one of the best food tours I had ever experienced in my life.


Hanoi and around travel reviews

Hanoi - the capital city of Vietnam is a unique city that you should never miss if you’ve ever been to Vietnam. There are lots of aspects of this centuries-old capital when it comes to doing Hanoi and around travel reviews, but this time I will specifically review the incredible street food scene of Hanoi.


Most-loved eatery heavens in Ha Noi

Scattering alongside narrow alleys in the Old Quarter- the iconic street food heaven in Vietnam, roadside stalls with no well-decored settings like luxurious restaurants are dedicated to spreading of Vietnam’s quintessence to visitors. Wandering around Hanoi, you can’t resist the attraction of flavor-packed street eatery heavens.


Top tourist attractions Ha Noi

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